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      Greg's Quotes

Hey everyone, here are a bunch of quotes which I think are pretty funny or at least my friends do. Send me an email at if there is one you think I should add or if u want to comment about how funny or stupid a quote is. Oh and if your wondering what you can do with these quotes, well you can put them on your profile or just tell them to your friends or whatever, I don't really care. One suggestion though, when you tell them about it, tell them to go to it themselves to check it out, just send them a link in an email. It is greatly appreciated. Ok so now the quotes..............

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                                                    Serious Quotes

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                                                                                                                                                             Ok well for now that's it, I would like to thank everyone who I got these quotes from. Oh and if you want to bookmark this page I'll try to keep adding quotes and taking some off that people think our stupid, once again my email address is so email me! Thanks for looking at my page though.

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